In places where your local power grid is accessible, it is usually more economically viable to tie into it and get the benefits of both systems. With a faulty grid tie, blackouts may be possible. Our systems easily scale with the needs of our customers, providing as little as 2.5 kW or as much as 102 kW with up to twice the capacity during peak usage. With our grid-tied backup systems you will receive reliable power and save money by using solar energy when possible and grid power when necessary. Our inverters come with many features that distinguish them from the rest of the market.
• Priority Power: Utilize your stored solar power when possible in order to avoid fees associated with grid power use.
• Parallel Power: During peak electrical use you may exceed the output of your solar system. In this case, our inverter will draw power from the grid and use it in conjunction with your stored power.
• Power Coupling: Our system is capable of coupling AC and DC for maximum efficiency.
• Charge Power: Specially designed software provides the most efficient charging available.
• Grid Sell: Where available, larger systems offer the ability to sell back excess power generated by your solar panels.*
• Generator Support: If your solar modules do not provide enough power during a blackout, our inverter is capable of drawing supplementary power from a generator to meet load demands.
• Control Panel: Easily view your system statistics to ensure it is always running at peak performance.

   *(Where available)


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