In addition to residential systems, we are capable of providing energy to nearly any industrial application. All of Off-Grid Solar's systems come with solar panels and mounts that have proven themselves in hurricanes as well as monitoring devices that give you the ability to track the usage of your system from your desktop or tablet (internet accessibility required). There are countless uses for renewable energy that comes without a grid-tie. To name a few that greatly benefit from this technology:
• MET towers
• Cell towers
• Bridge Lighting
• SCADA power
• FAA Lighting
• Security Cameras
• Emergency Power
• Island Power
Our top priority is providing a positive return on investment on your system. Advanced load shifting technology guarantees a consistent power supply when you need it most. Solar prioritization extends the life of your batteries, and peak shaving will reduce your electricity costs in grid-tie systems. Off-Grid Solar offers systems that provide from 2.5 kW to 102 kW so that any size load can operate off-the-grid. If you need to power a smaller load, our WattMaker system may be a better option for you. If you are interested in an Off-Grid Solar solution for your business please contact us so that we may work with you and design a system that is most suited to your needs.


Array of photovoltaic panels