Load Evaluation

In order for us to provide the best system for you, we need to understand how much electricity you use. The simplest way for us to get this information is for you to fill out this chart.






Amperage (A)

Wattage       (V x A)

Hours per day

Days per week

Appliance AC DC Qty Voltage(V) Amperage (A) Wattage (V x A) Hours per day Days per week

Appliance: The name of the device that is drawing power.

AC/DC: Place a marker in one of these two boxes in order to indicate either Alternating Current (AC) or Direct Current (DC). Unless otherwise indicated, most household appliances use AC.

Quantity: How many of these appliances are going to be drawing power?

Voltage: The voltage of most appliances is visible in a stamp on them, often on the bottom or out of sight.

Amperage: The amperage is usually displayed alongside voltage. If it is shown in (mA) form then divide it by 1000 in order to find the amperage. Ex: 300mA = .3A

Wattage: Wattage is sometimes displayed along with voltage and amperage but often it is left out. If your appliance does not show the wattage then it can be easily calculated by multiplying the amount of volts by amps. Ex: .3A x 6V = 1.8W
Hours per day: How many hours per day is the appliance turned on and operating?
Days per week: How many days per week is the appliance operating for the amount of hours specified before?


We understand that it is difficult to gauge the exact amount of time that an appliance runs and as a result there may be some variance, but the more accurate you can make this chart the better we can serve you.

 Download Load Evaluation Chart