Off-Grid Solar: Expect the best, we’ll do the rest


                When you choose OGS for your electrical solutions, we promise two things: your satisfaction and your convenience. When you choose us as your solar provider, you will receive the complete package, not boxes of parts and headaches. Our prices are competitive and come with the advantage of industry-leading insight and customer service that we have perfected over 30 years. We make off-grid easy.

                Electricity is the backbone of modern society but due to the nature of grid systems it is unavailable to most remote locations. Whether you are in a cabin deep in the woods, a tropical island, or anywhere in between, our systems are built to withstand a wide variety of conditions with the versatility of providing 12, 24, or 48V DC as well as 120/240V AC ensuring an uninterrupted power supply no matter what. Competitors offer premade packages built for other people, but we build each of our systems for you piece by piece so that you can be certain that you are getting the most efficient and effective solutions for your money. Our systems are designed to be reliable with globally proven and recognized field performance in addition to monitoring built with easy to use software including optional email alerts to reduce system downtime. If you are interested in pursuing an Off-Grid Solar system then please explore the residential or industrial portions of the site and contact us, our team of experts are standing by.